The Obsidian Bubbler Water Attachment by Magma Industries

Many dry herb vaporizers now have adapters for water pipes, but until recently, the Volcano – the iconic desktop vaporizer – was left out in the cold.

The Obsidian brings a water option to the Volcano and it impressed us more than we anticipated it might. We have always known that with some herbs and flowers it would be ideal to increase the humidity within the vapor. The problem was that there was no easy way to add this humidity to the mix. Until now….

Made entirely of glass, the Obsidian lowers temperature, increases humidity and maximizes efficiency.

What is the Obsidian?

volcano bubbler water attachment

The Obsidian is a water glass attachment for the Volcano Vaporizer.

Featuring an all-glass construction, the Obsidian has a secondary water trap that eliminates water direction reversal.

The Obsidian bubbler attachment cools the vapor while increasing humidity, improving efficiency and eliminating throat irritation.

The Obsidian is actually the second edition of The Magma from Magma Industries.

It improves on the original design, offering refinements that help boost your vapor experience.

The water attachment comes packaged with instructions and three O-rings. Lightweight yet sturdy, the Obsidian is made with high-quality borosilicate glass.

The Obsidian delivers a more pleasant vaporization experience, but it also offers savings. You can enjoy more of your herbs and essential oils thanks to this water attachment.

According to Magma Industries, the Obsidian can:

  • Reduce temperature by 100F
  • Increase humidity by more than 93%
  • Maximize efficiency

The Obsidian is compatible with the Easy Valve as well as the Hybrid Valve. The attachment is made in the United States, ensuring the highest quality possible.

Can Water Get into the Volcano When Using the Obsidian?

No. If you follow the instructions and recommendations properly, water will not get into the Volcano.

In fact, the secondary water trap in the Obsidian is there to prevent any incidental water spills. It offers a little extra protection and prevents moisture or liquid from mixing in with your dry herbs or oils.

Obsidian vs Magma

The Magma was the original water attachment from Magma Industries for the Volcano.

The Obsidian is considered the Magma 2.0, and it includes improvements based on user feedback.

When we tested out the original Magma attachment a few years back, it was an ambitious idea, but the execution was not quite ready.   You could see the potential but they needed to further refine that original vision.  The Obsidian goes above and beyond and offers serious value for the money.

There are two main differences between these two water attachments:

  • Materials
  • Water trap

The original Magma is made with FDA-approved synthetic polymer resin that’s:

  • Food- and water-safe
  • High temperature resistant

These are the same materials used to make the Volcano’s blank ring around the heating element and the component that the Easy Valve Herbal Chamber rests on.

Magma Industries says that the Magma does not create any strange tastes or smells.

They also use an ultrasonic welding process to create the Magma’s parts, so they avoid using solvents entirely.

The Obsidian is made entirely of high-grade, laboratory-quality borosilicate glass hand blown by master glass artisans.

The Obsidian also has a secondary water trap that prevents water from getting into the Volcano. This is a feature that the Magma does not have.

If you follow the directions properly, you shouldn’t have to worry about spills, but the Obsidian includes an extra layer of protection just in case an accident happens.

How to Use the Obsidian With The Volcano

how to use

The Obsidian has a simple design that’s easy to use, but it’s still important to make sure that you follow the included directions properly.

  1. Remove the original O-ring from your filling chamber, and replace it with the red Obsidian O-ring.
  2. Fill the attachment up to just below the holes in the top compartment.
  3. Place the Obsidian on top of your filling chamber, and then attach to the Volcano.
  4. Attach the bag.
  5. Wait for the Volcano to heat up, and hit the fan.
  6. Enjoy!

If vapor is leaking during use or you don’t see a thin line seal, remove the O-ring and try using the next largest size O-ring. Keep changing out O-rings until you achieve a proper seal.

Keep in mind that you can also purchase additional sets of O-rings if you lose or damage the ones that came with your Obsidian.

When it comes time to clean the Obsidian vape, you’ll really appreciate its clear glass construction. It’s easy to see when your unit needs cleaning and where.

What Temperature to Use with the Obsidian?


One of the main benefits to using a water glass attachment is that it prevents throat irritation. The dryer your herb and the higher the temperature, the greater the risk of throat irritation.

But the water in the attachment cools things down a bit.

Still, you may be wondering which temperature is best when using the Obsidian.

Here’s the good news: the attachment was designed to be used with any temperature you normally use with the Volcano.

Magma recommends starting below 325F, and then gradually working your way up to higher temperatures during your session. This way, you can find that sweet spot you enjoy the most.

Magma does not recommend using the Volcano above 400F because at this point, some herbs and oils will release harmful vapors when heated at high temperatures for long periods of time.

Where to Buy the Obsidian Volcano Bubbler Attachment?

Ready to give the Obsidian a try? You should buy it only directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Magma now has the bubbler back in stock and ready to ship.

The long wait for a legit water attachment for the Volcano is finally over.   People love the Obsidian!

They love the fact that it cools the vapor and prevents throat irritation. You use it for the same reasons people use bubblers on other vaporizers. The Obsidian and Magma just happen to be one of the first water attachments made for the desktop Volcano.