Onyx Volcano Vaporizers Colorway Released

Just in time for the holidays, Storz & Bickel has released a new colorway for their iconic Volcano: Onyx.

Volcano fans have been asking for a matte black finish for years, and Storz & Bickel has finally delivered. The new sleek matte black finish makes this vaporizer look great in any room. And if you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift, the Onyx Volcano is it.

In May, Storz & Bickel released the Volcano Gold, but we really like this new rich, dark color. Best of all, you won’t have to pay a higher price for this new color.

Let’s take a closer look at what these two Volcano variations have to offer.

The Onyx Volcano Hybrid

Onyx Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

The new luxe Onyx Volcano Hybrid has a stunning black matte finish with orange accents that really pop. In addition, the new finish features a durable powder coating to help maintain its rich color.

Not much has changed under the hood. The Hybrid still has all the features and reliability that you love about the original, like:

  • A clear digital display
  • Hybrid inhalation system
  • Convection and conduction heating with 100-watt heater
  • App compatibility
  • Ultra-fast heat-up time

Use your Hybrid with a whip or balloon bag – your choice. The heat-up time is 10x faster than even the Volcano Digit thanks to the addition of conduction heating.

The classic Volcano is known for its convection heating system, but the Hybrid also introduces conduction heating into the mix for faster and more consistent heat-up times. As a result, you go through a bowl more quickly than with the Classic, but you’ll also enjoy some potent hits.

For medicinal purposes, the Hybrid can deliver that quick relief you crave.

And with the new app, you get more control over the function of your Volcano.

If you prefer using a whip, the Hybrid is the model for you. The whip attachment really turns the flavor production up a notch and allows you to draw directly from the heating chamber.

And with the Hybrid model, you get precise temperature control. Simply tap the “+” or “-” buttons to adjust to your desired temperature. The temperature range with this model is between 104 °F and 446 °F.

If you’re still on the fence about the Hybrid, the launch of the new Onyx colorway should be enough to convince you to take the dive. Thanks to the durability of the black powder finish, this Volcano should maintain its matte black look for years to come.

The Onyx Volcano Classic Vaporizer

Onyx Volcano Classic Vaporizer

If you’re not a fan of the Hybrid model, Storz & Bickel has also launched the Onyx version of the Classic Volcano.

Like the Hybrid, this colorway features a matte black exterior finish with a powder coating to keep it looking its best.

The Classic doesn’t have many of the features of the Hybrid, but if you’re a brand enthusiast, you know this already.

With this Volcano model, you only get the balloon bag delivery method, but you still enjoy the convection heating and precision temperature control that made this vaporizer the icon it is today.

The Classic is a full convection model, which means that it takes a little longer to heat up (and that’s okay). You’ll go through a bowl in 2-3 bags.

Will the Onyx Coating Last?

Volcano fans love the new charcoal finish, but the biggest question on everyone’s mind is: Will it last?

The finish features a powder coating that’s supposed to preserve its longevity. And the matte finish does help hide fingerprints and smudges, which was a pain with the original metallic coating. That said, the coating is susceptible to scratches, and those scratches are more visible than with the metallic coating. 

New Mighty+ and Crafty+ Upgrades

Storz & Bickel Vaporizers

Along with a new colorway for the Volcano, Storz & Bickel have also released upgraded Mighty+ and Crafty+ vaporizers.

  • The new Crafty+ has a USB-C port, which speeds up charging by 25 minutes. It also has a new filling chamber that’s ceramic coated to increase damage and scratch resistance.
  • The new Mighty+ also has a USB-C port that charges the vaporizer to 80% in just 40 minutes. In addition, a new preset Superbooster temperature and ultra-fast heat-up time help you make the most of your sessions and get started faster. Like the Crafty+, this upgrade also includes a ceramic-coated filling chamber that resists damage and scratches.

So, if a desktop vaporizer isn’t your thing or you just want to expand your collection, the Crafty+ and Mighty+ may be just what you’re looking for. Both models are smaller than the Volcano, but they’re not quite as portable as some other vapes. Still, if you’re looking for convection heating in a more compact vaporizer, Crafty+ and Mighty+ are great options.

For desktop vapes, it still doesn’t get much better than the Volcano and these new matte black colors are going fast.

If you want to get your hands on the Onyx Volcano, you better act fast. The new colorway is only available while supplies last.