What Is the Best Temperature for The Volcano?

If you’re adjusting your Volcano Vaporizer temperature blindly, you’re missing out on flavor. Temperatures that are too high can burn material, releasing toxins – in the case of cannabis. But a lot of users will use the same temperature for different material.

The best temp to vape weed is going to be different than other vaping materials.

The ideal range for cannabis vaporization is between 338F and 372F.

Classic Volcano models also have different dials and settings than their digital counterparts, so the temperature you choose will vary from the classic to digital models.  It is one thing we like to educate medical consumers on before they start out.

What Temperature Do You Set a Volcano Vaporizer To?

volcano temperature guide

A lot of users are choosing to vape their medical marijuana and this means that they need to have precise settings to ensure that they don’t release the toxins in the material. The ideal Volcano weed settings will normally fall into the following levels:

Classic Version

The Classic Volcano doesn’t have a digital temperature gauge, so you’ll have to adjust the temperature between 4.25 and 6.5. But it really depends on how you like your mist and vapor to be.

Most users will keep the temperature 6 or below, but you should be experimenting and trying to find out what’s right for you.

If you like vapor that’s less dense, you’ll want to keep the temperature on the lower end. Most users preferring the 5.5 temperature setting. But if you want a thicker vapor, you can crank the temperature up to 6.5 and slowly increase the temperature with each filling.

A lot of users claim that if you’re going over the 6.5 mark, you may as well put down your vaporizer and pick up your lighter.
When you get to these temperatures, you’ll be releasing toxins.

Digital Version

The digital Volcano is a lot easier to use, and with precision settings, you’ll be able to keep a consistent vapor level. Again, if you go too high, you’ll end up burning up the material and you may as well light up your stash rather than vape it.

The ideal range for cannabis vaporization is between 338F and 372F.

If you go any higher, you’ll find that you’ll start releasing the toxins in the material. You’ll cause the material to burn if you put the temperature too high.

Some users will also adjust the temperature of the vaporizer depending on how many bags they’ve filled. The user may start at the 370F range, and then on the second bag, they’ll increase to 380F and keep moving up until the material is depleted.

You can follow the same process with the classic version.

Vaporization of weed will start at around 356F, but it’s better to start at the lower end and keep adjusting until you find the taste and thickness you prefer. If you want to get a stronger high, you’ll need to add more hash and move up the temperature to the 375F setting or higher. This will cause you to get that high that a lot of users want.

If you want to test the limits, you can move the temperature to 392F, which will produce a very smoky vapor.

You’ll get a much stronger high at this level, and the vapor will still be tolerable at this point. Higher temperatures, 392F or higher, become unhealthy, so try to keep it below this level or use a bong.

Hybrid Version

The new and improved Hybrid Volcano comes preset to a default temperature of 356F. That is almost perfect a probably an ideal starting point. In our experience, we prefer to start out lower when using high-quality cannabis flowers.

Most medical patients say that 350F is the sweet spot to get the best flavor and extract all the key terpenes.

When is it Time to Change the Material?

A general rule of thumb is to pay attention to the taste and density of the vapor. When the taste starts to change (it will normally have little flavor), it’s time to change out your material. You’ll get up to six bags of vapor before you notice a taste change.

If you stir up your material, which you should start doing after the first or second bag, make sure to put the material between your fingers and feel its texture. If it’s crisp and brown, it’s time to change out your material.

You can use the leftover material to make different oils or even make brownies, according to some users.

Throwing out the material is also an option, but a lot of users opt to make something with the material. It’s up to you what you want to make, but a lot of people opt to make butter with it.

The reason that users will increase their Volcano vaporizer temperature is that the higher temperature will release more vapor. When the vapor is light and there’s very little flavor left, you know that it’s time to change out your material for new material.

Lower temperatures produce a smoother vape, and this is great for someone that may be suffering from asthma or has breathing problems. The only catch is that at lower temperature ranges, you’re not getting all of the active cannabinoids involved, so you’re missing out on many of the benefits of vaping your stash. But it’s all about preference, so start low and build up to your find a temperature range that’s ideal for you.