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Volcano Hybrid


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There is almost no need to introduce this product at all. If you are into vaping, you already know that the Volcano is the Rolls Royce of desktop vaporizers.

The Volcano Classic vaporizer from Storz & Bickel doesn’t look like any other vape product you have seen.  With its industrial-grade build quality and industry-leading convection heating system. You can take your vapor experience to the next level with the Storz & Bickel classic Volcano or the new and improved Volcano Hybrid vape.

How Does The Volcano Vaporization System Work?

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Health Benefits

Beyond Just Efficiency & Aesthetics

First things first. I don’t want to just assume outright that you know all about vaping, so let’s review the health benefits quickly.

Vaping is a unique process which releases the aromatic compounds in herbs without actually burning them. This means that combustion never takes place, and none of its dangerous by-products (i.e. carbon monoxide) are produced.

That means that the hot air vapor (not smoke!) produced by the Volcano convection heating element has incredible purity.

You get the essential compounds released through the vapor without the dangerous compounds that damage your lungs when you smoke. If you are using the Volcano Medic for cannabis, the vapor consists of 95% cannabinoids.

This is one of the best methods of delivery for medical users, especially considering your choice of easy valve, solid valve or the new whip attachment.

So you are getting a higher concentration—and you are also preserving your supply.

Combustion burns through materials rapidly, quickly exhausting your cannabis. The Volcano vaporizer allows you to extend the cannabis you have for as much use as possible. 

Volcano Hybrid Balloons

Volcano Classic vs Volcano Hybrid

classic vs hybrid volcano

How to choose the right Volcano model and features for your needs.

But the new Hybrid Volcano model lets you use a new app to track your usage, includes a new whip attachment and offers upgraded internals. It is based on and replaced the Volcano Digit model.

For the most part, in terms of functionality, the devices are pretty much the same.

The Hybrid allows you to input a specific temperature.

Volcano Hybrid

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  • A wide temperature range of 104° F – 446° F. The temperature variance is a mere 2.7° F. Contrast that with the 9° F variance you get with the Classic. Moreover, you get a digital interface to set the exact temperature you want. So, you can fine-tune the temperature to your exact preference.
  • New Whip Tube. You can use the original balloon method to or you can connect the new whip tube for smaller sessions. The Classic only allowed the balloon.
  • The Volcano Hybrid vaporizer heats up in only 1-2 minutes. That is even quicker than the 3-minute heat-up time for the Classic.
volcano vaporizer hybrid
$699.99 $559.99

The Volcano Classic relies on a analog dial / knob for input. That means you can be a lot more accurate with temperature control on the Hybrid digital models.

So if fine-tuning is important to you, you may want to consider the extra expense. The Volcano digital vaporizer versions includes a 30-minute automatic off switch as well. For me, that alone made the upgrade a no-brainer.

The Volcano Classic vaporizer model is accurate to within around 9 degrees Fahrenheit; for most users, that slight amount of variance is not going to matter in terms of vapor production or vapor quality.

The temperature range for the Hybrid model is however significantly wider— about 40-230 degrees Celsius vs. 130-226 degrees Celsius for the Volcano Classic.

We recommend the Classic Volcano model if you are on a budget and are not too picky about temperature control (most buyers will still be happy with what they get) or worried about leaving the desktop unit on.

Volcano classic

300+ Reviews
volcano classic
$479.99 $383.20

But if you can afford the added expense and a high degree of accuracy and safety is important to you, the new Hybrid Volcano is 100% worth the extra cost. Put it in your shopping cart and get ready for years of consistent use.

Tips On How To Use Your Volcano

how to use
  • Do not leave the Classic model Volcano vaporizer on for long periods of time. Doing so can lead to damage, even though the unit is heat-resistant. 
  • Start with a low heat setting and work up to what you need. One of the key features of the Volcano system and the whole goal here is to use the lowest possible heat setting to produce the best vapor quality. It is easy to use and the learning curve is minimal. You will quickly find your ideal vaporization temperature and be on your way to the ideal vaping experience.
  • If you go too high, you will burn through your materials faster than necessary.
  • You shouldn’t need to clean the Volcano too often. Because the materials you use and the vapor are contained in the chamber and the bag respectively, the vaporizer is pretty much maintenance-free.  It does come with a cleaning brush for keeping up with routine maintenance.
  • You do need to change the Volcano air filter every couple of years, and you need to periodically replace your Easy Valve balloon.
  • The chamber can be washed in warm water with a mild detergent. If you go with the Solid, you can clean it instead of replacing it, which is great.

Methods Of Use

Balloon Method. For this method, you remove the top of the Volcano to insert the herb chamber. You attach the valve and the balloon at the top. After it fills, you remove it, and then you attach the mouthpiece directly to the valve.

Just remember to turn the fan off and remove your herbs once the bag is filled so you do not go through your whole supply all at once.

Whip Method. Many people do not realize this, but with the updated release of the new Volcano Hybrid model, you can actually use a whip for small doses. This is the gold standard for medical patients requiring a specific small dose.

Personally, I am have always been a huge advocate of the balloon method, but it is great that the Volcano Digit vaporizer system has evolved and now provides you with options for your attachments.

The Volcano vaporizer whip attachment is perfect for individual sessions or medication doses.

 It gives you full digital temperature control and functionality. 

The continued improvement and evolution by Storz and Bickel of their original design goes above and beyond other medical-grade vapor production products. One of the best features is being able to switch between the easy valve and whip frequently.  It improves upon what was widely considered as the best vaporizer of all time with improved vapor quality.

Valve Options

easy vs solid valve

Easy Valve. This pre-assembled valve system is a great option if you just want to get started vaping with your Storz & Bickel Volcano right away. This is what I would recommend for Volcano beginners.

Solid Valve. This valve set does not come pre-assembled. You need to put it together yourself.

What is awesome about it is that it lets you customize the size of the valve balloon.

So if you know what you are doing (or are willing to learn), I would suggest the Solid valve system over the Easy valve and choose your balloon size and make your own bags.

Design & Construction

Volcano Hybrid

German-engineered by Storz and Bickel, Volcano vaporizers are built to stand the test of time.

In fact, many users are still using their original Classic model from the early 2000’s.

All materials used are heat-resistant and food-safe.  This includes the filling chamber, normal screen set and air filter set. The high-quality heat exchanger is durable and it is the only vaporizer on the market which meets the quality standards set by ISO, UL and NRTL.

There’s a 3-year warranty direct from the manufacturer (STORZ & BICKEL) backing your purchase.

The distinct cone shape looks pretty cool, but it is the functionality that makes it the number selling vaporizer of all. It is hassle-free and has a growing community of mods and attachments. From different volcano balloon materials, water attachments to using a dosing capsule / liquid pad set for extracts. We connect you with the number one licensed distributor in North America and you get free shipping and your full warranty.

Where Can You Buy the Volcano Vaporizer On Sale?

Storz & Bickel signed an exclusive United States and North American distribution deal with our direct vendor, via Planet Of The Vapes.

We can offer you the best Volcano vaporizer prices with free shipping and bonuses directly from our United States based warehouses.  

I’m not going to dance around the cost of the Volcano.  Spending hundreds of dollars on a vaporizer isn’t for everyone. But there is a reason that the Volcano Vaporizer has become so legendary. It truly is the best desktop vaporizer out there. No other vaporizer can match the quality of vapor produced or warranty.

The Volcano is absurdly easy to use, and requires very little maintenance with the filling chamber and normal screen set. My favorite part is that it gives you to use multiple methods to choose from. From attachments, air temperature control and which air filter set to use. For medical marijuana patients, this ability to adjust dosing and attachments are worth the purchase alone.

The vapor density is easy to control, and it has a smooth, even consistency and pure flavor and aroma which really cannot be beat.

So if you vape a lot, dropping a few hundred dollars on the Volcano Vaporizer is just a smart purchase in the long run.


You will save money over the long run because you won’t be wasting materials, and you will be protecting your health by getting away from the dangerous compounds associated with combustion.


Can you take a risk on eBay or Amazon and buy a cheap Volcano?


Sure you can, but you’ll regret it when you realize that you saved $50 and bought a fake knockoff version. 

We have seen products called ‘vaporizer volcano‘ or with obvious misspellings.

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The Volcano Weed Vaporizer is unrivaled in terms of ease of use, quality, and durability for medical patients. 

It will stand the test of time. 

The value it offers you now and over the long run is unmatched by any other vape on the market.


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