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Volcano Hybrid

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Volcano Classic

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Volcano Hybrid

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Volcano Digital

2nd iteration with digital controls

How Does The Volcano Vaporization System Work?

A quick start guide to the new features 

Health Benefits

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Classic vs Digit vs Hybrid

How to choose the right Volcano model & Features for your needs

We recommend the Volcano Classic vaporizer model if you are on a budget and are not too picky about temperature control (most buyers will still be happy with what they get) or worried about leaving the desktop unit on.

But if you can afford the added expense and a high degree of accuracy and safety is important to you, the new Hybrid Volcano is 100% worth the extra money. Put it in your shopping cart and get ready for years of consistent use.
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Tips On How To Use

  • Do not leave the Classic model vaporizer on for long periods of time. Doing so can lead to damage, even though the unit is heat-resistant. 

  • Start with a low heat setting and work up to what you need. One of the key features of the Volcano system and the whole goal here is to use the lowest possible heat setting to produce the best vapor quality. It is easy to use and the learning curve is minimal. You will quickly find your ideal vaporization temperature and be on your way.

  • If you go too high, you will burn through your materials faster than necessary.

  • You shouldn’t need to clean the Volcano too often. Because the materials you use and the vapor are contained in the chamber and the bag respectively, the vaporizer is pretty much maintenance-free.  It does come with a cleaning brush for keeping up with routine maintenance.

  • You do need to change the Volcano air filter every couple of years, and you need to periodically replace your Easy Valve balloon.

  • The chamber can be washed in warm water with a mild detergent. If you go with the Solid, you can actually clean it instead of replacing it, which is great.

easy vs solid valve
Volcano Hybrid
Volcano Classic vs Digit vs Hybrid