Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Gold Volcano Vaporizer Classic Released

Storz & Bickel first released its iconic Volcano Classic desktop vaporizer 20 years ago. At the time of its release in 2000, vaporizers and e-cigarettes were still a relatively new concept. The Volcano helped put desktop vaporizers on the map and quickly developed a reputation for being the gold standard of vapes.

Now, 20 years later, the Storz & Bickel brand is still synonymous with quality and the Volcano is still the “best of the best” when it comes to desktop vapes. The Volcano line-up may have expanded over the years, but it was the Classic that started it all.

Gold Volcano Classic Features

The Gold Volcano is Storz & Bickel’s limited edition version of the famous Volcano vaporizer to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Classic. The gold-plated version of this classic vape is only available until the end of the year.

The Classic has been given a major facelift, with a golden façade fit for the King of Vaporizers. While it’s look may be different, you still get all of the same features and benefits that the Classic offers, including:

  • Pure convection heating for smooth, flavorful vapor
  • Precision temperature control
  • Balloon bag system
  • German engineering and superb quality

Like the original Classic, the Gold Volcano has a temperature dial with nine settings, so you can adjust the temperature to your exact preference. Being able to adjust the temperature setting allows users to customize their vaping experience while exploring new flavor profiles and cloud sizes.

Temperatures range from 266F to 446F, so you can choose the right setting for your dry herb.

The Gold Volcano may be a desktop vaporizer, but its balloon bag system makes your vapor more portable. Simply fill the balloon, or bag, with vapor and take hits wherever, whenever you want. Bags are made from surgical-grade silicone. One bowl will fill about 3-4 balloons with the Gold Volcano.

How Convection Heating Works

The pure convection heating system is what made the Classic vaporizer stand out in the crowd. Most vaporizers use conduction heating, which uses a heating element to heat the herbs directly. These vapes heat up quickly, but there’s also a high risk of burning the herbs. Combustion defeats the entire purpose of vaporizing.

The Volcano eliminates this problem through its convection heating system, which works like a kitchen oven. Heat surrounds the dry herb, rather than being applied directly, to prevent burning or combustion. You enjoy pure vapor with a rich flavor.

It works by using a vacuum system that pumps in fresh air, which is then heated to your desired temperature to extract the beneficial compounds from your herb. The heated air passes over your herb to create vapor, which then fills your balloon for easy consumption. The hot air flows through every inch of open surface area to ensure that your herb is heated thoroughly and evenly.

The Gold Volcano is equipped with one of the best convection heating systems for desktop vaporizers. It produces exceptional quality vapor that is unrivaled in the industry, and you never have to worry about your herb burning or producing harsh flavors.

Solid and Easy Valves

The Gold Volcano is compatible with both Solid and Easy Valves. These are the classic Valves for the Volcano system.

The Easy Valve allows for easy handling and virtually no maintenance. There’s no need to attach a new balloon to the valve – it’s already done for you. When Easy Valve balloons can no longer be used, you just replace it with a new one. It’s a low maintenance option for anyone who wants hassle-free vaping. There’s no need to cut a bag and attach it to the valve. Just pull out the Easy Valve set and start vaping. The starter set comes with 5 Easy Valve balloons and a filling chamber.

The Solid Valve system is the standard and most popular option for Gold Volcanos. Unlike with the Easy Valve system, which comes with pre-sized balloons, you can customize the size of your balloon with the Solid Valve system. It comes with 3 meters of balloon material. While the Solid Valve is a little more complicated than the Easy Valve system, it’s the most cost-effective solution in the long-term. Balloon material is reasonably priced, and you have the ability to customize the size of your balloons. Mini bags are ideal for personal use, or you can choose a larger bag for sharing in groups.

German Engineering

The Storz & Bickel brand is known for its quality and durability. The Gold Volcano is German-engineered and offers the ultimate in luxury vaping. Designed with vaping connoisseurs in mind, the Gold Volcano offers superb quality and performance with a regal gold finish.

The Gold Volcano is outfitted with a food-safe aluminum heating block and a high-quality heating element to deliver pure, flavorful vapor with every session.

The Volcano is built so well that many people are still using the original Classic to this day. Superior build quality and durability means that you will be using the Volcano for years to come.

What’s in the Box?

  • Gold Volcano vaporizer
  • Grinder
  • Manual
  • Cleaning tool
  • Air filter set
  • 1 Easy Valve filling chamber
  • 1 Easy Valve concentrate pad
  • 3 Easy Valve clips
  • 5 Easy Valve mouthpieces
  • 6 Easy Valve screens
  • 5 Easy Valve balloons

The Gold Volcano is only available for a limited time, so you’ll need to act quickly if you want to get your hands on one.