Does Vaping Smell? Can You Minimize The Odors?

Does Vaping Smell?

Vaping is the healthier, less smelly alternative to cigarette smoking. Your clothes won’t stink, nor will the overwhelming smell of smoke leave your mouth every time you talk. But does vaping weed smell?

That’s a question we’re going to explore and answer in this article.

Does Vaping Weed Smell?

how long does vape smell last

Weed smell, you know the “skunky smell,” exists even when you’re vaping. The scent comes from the myrcene in the plant, and while some strains will have a less pungent odor than others, it will persist even when vaping.

A few key things to remember if you’re trying to mask or hide the smell are:

  • Dried herbs will produce a more pungent smell that can fill a room.
  • Oils have a weaker smell, although it still exists.

You can also add other components into the mix, such as fruity or floral smells, which will help reduce the smell of weed.

Of course, if you’re only vaping for the high or to relax, you can use edibles instead or filters to help cover up the smell. Edibles are a good option, but you may have to bake them, which is less convenient than just filling up a chamber and vaping.

How Far Can Weed Smell Travel?

Smells can travel quite a long distance. So, if you’re vaping a strong-smelling strain of weed outside, it can travel several yards over, especially if it’s windy out.

Reports suggest that weed smell can go 1,500 yards or more.

The smell will dissipate along the way, so it will be faint the farther it moves from the origin. However, if you live in an apartment or condominium, the smell will also go through the walls and reach your neighbors.

Vaping near a window can help carry the smell out of the space, but it will only be so effective. If you’re running an air conditioner, the odor can linger for a few days in your space, too.

Many people try moving to dabs, but do they smell?

Do Dabs Smell?

Yes, but dabbing produces a milder aroma and will be less noticeable than smoking. If you live in an apartment or have roommates, dabbing is often the preferred option unless you take other measures (more on that in the next session).

Dabs still produce a smell, but the scent only lingers for a few minutes before fading away.

How to Mask the Smell of Weed?

Masking the smell of weed is possible. If you’re trying to eliminate the odor completely, you’ll need to skip to the next section. However, the following options will help you mask the smell with a high level of effectiveness:

  1. Put your vaporizer’s temperature on the lowest level possible to keep smells to a minimum. The lower the temperature, the weaker the smell will be.
  2. Vape oils, if your vaporizer allows, to help lower the odor.
  3. Clean your vaporizer after each use. Smells linger and will increase if there’s residue in the chamber.
  4. Choose your strain of weed carefully. Certain strains have a less pungent smell and will help decrease odor production.
  5. Vape near an open window to reduce the interior smell. Of course, the scent from the window will travel outdoors.
  6. Invest in a window fan. Window fans are inexpensive and will help pull the smell of weed out of the space.

If none of these methods work well for you or there’s still a slight smell of weed in the air, another option is to invest in personal smoker filters.

Personal Smoke Filters Eliminate Weed Smells When Vaping

Personal smoker filters are the absolute best way to eliminate odors produced when vaping.

How Do Personal Smoke Filters Work?

Personal smoke filters allow users to exhale directly into the filter and filter out the particles. When you vape, the scent of the weed comes from you exhaling. Since you’re exhaling into a filter, you don’t have any of the vaping smell lingering in the air – it’s perfect for the discreet person who wants to vape.

You’ll even find these filters on Amazon, and they have great reviews. Filters are a small investment and have hundreds of uses, too.

Two of the leading personal smoke filters are:

Sploofy Pro Review

Sploofy personal smoke filter

Sploofy offers a personal filter that you can exhale into for 300 to 500 uses. You can swap out cartridges as necessary, and the new, improved design keeps the filter dry when in use. The designer of Sploofy uses HEPA media to filter out smoke and unwanted particles to keep the surrounding air fresh and clean.

The smoke isn’t impeded when you exhale, so it feels natural when vaping.

Plus, unlike many of the competing products, this model offers easy filter changes to extend its lifespan. However, the unit is the size of a 10-ounce can. It’s a bit larger than some competing models, but it’s very effective.

SmokeBuddy Review


SmokeBuddy is the next option, and many people prefer it over the Sploofy. One of the main benefits of the SmokeBuddy is that the inlet fits into your mouth, so you don’t have the smoky taste or tinge on your lips.

You also have the option of closing inlets when you store them, so no scents are released.

When you use SmokeBuddy, it empowers you to keep the smoke to yourself. SmokeBuddy lasts up to 200 uses, which is good for about three months for most users.

Personal smoke filters are the best way to put an end to the weed smell you’re trying to mask it. While we recommend Sploofy and SmokeBuddy, other options are also available.