CloudTen Volcano Case

We strongly believe that the Volcano system is the best-of-the-best when it comes to desktop vapes. But we’ll admit it isn’t exactly designed for portability. You can’t slip it into your pocket and head out to a friend’s house. Most people just keep theirs at home, but with Cloudten’s carrying case, you can take your vaporizer on-the-go, discreetly and safely.

The Cloudten carrying case is designed to carry your Volcano system wherever you go.

It’s compatible with all versions of the Volcano, including:

  • Digital
  • Hybrid
  • Classic

It’s also compatible with all of the valve kits, including the Tube System, Solid Valve and the Easy Valve Starter Kit.

No matter your setup, you’ll be able to use the Cloudten bag to transport your Volcano safely.

The soft case is 15” x 12” x 9,” so there’s plenty of space to store your vaporizer and its accessories.

Foam Interior and Nylon Exterior

CloudTen Volcano Case

The interior of the case features foam padding with custom cutouts to ensure that your vaporizer fits properly. The foam will keep your Volcano in place during transit to prevent damage. There’s even a padded foam top cover to protect the top of your Volcano.

The exterior of the case features a durable nylon exterior for additional protection. Nylon is water-resistant, lightweight and durable. The carrying handle is made of nylon webbing, and the convenient shoulder strap features Box X stitching to prevent tearing. Both straps are designed to make transport easy, convenient and safe. The shoulder strap is also detachable, so you can choose how you want to carry your bag.

The nylon fabric makes this bag lightweight, so it’s easy to take anywhere. but still supportive enough to protect your investment.

Extra Storage

Cloudten designed this carrying case with users in mind. They know that you need more than just a space to put your Volcano. Extra storage space allows you to carry your essentials and accessories in one single bag.

The bag features three zippered compartments, which provides space to store your bags, extra screens, grinders and more. These compartments are located along the sides of the case for easy access without having to expose your Volcano to the outside world.

What Makes The Right Case For The Volcano?

Cloudten’s product, although not affiliated with Storz and Bickel, was designed specifically for the Volcano’s dimensions and to hold it in place inside of the bag while you’re traveling.

That’s one thing that makes this case unique, but there are other features that make this case stand out from the crowd.

#1 – Protective Padding

The one feature that really sets the Cloudten case apart is its internal protective padding. Sure, you could toss your Volcano into any bag and take with you, but there’s always a risk that you’ll damage the internal components from it knocking around.

With Cloudten’s case, you don’t have to worry about your vaporizer being jostled around. The interior features foam that’s cut precisely to fit the Volcano. The foam compartment has a Polyurethane body for further impact absorption. Polyurethane top and bottom plates ensure the foam form stays rigid to prevent damage from abrasions.

For added protection, a foam lid is included and can be placed over the top of the Volcano.

#2 – Discreet

Cloudten’s case is designed to store and protect your Volcano, but it’s also designed for discreet transport of your vaporizer.

When zipped up, the case looks just like any other duffel bag. You can transport your Volcano confidently with the Cloudten bag. No one will know what you’re carrying inside unless you tell them.

Furthermore, the foam interior padding helps trap and absorb odors, allowing for discreet transport even after a session.

#3 – Bonus Bags

Cloudten includes a nice extra bonus when you buy their bag: three airtight bags and a storage container. These bags are airtight and odor-proof, making them ideal for traveling. This gives you a little extra storage for your accessories and essentials.

If you’re looking for a convenient, protective and discreet way to store and transport your Volcano vaporizer, Cloudten’s bag is a great option. Durable and smartly designed, this bag will protect your vaporizer while you’re traveling. Different strap options make it easy to travel the way you want, and the free airtight bags are a nice bonus.